JUUL C1 Device
JUUL C1 Device
Juul C1 Device Kit with Android Linked App

Product Details

The Juul C1 Starter Device is designed to help you make the successful switch from cigarettes to vaping. Compatible with the Juul app you can access key features from, locating your JUUL pen to monitoring your usage and keeping your Juul C1 secure with you in control.

What makes the Juul C1 good is that it works just like the existing Juul devices so even without a smartphone you can still enjoy the benefits of vaping on a Juul starter kit.

Designed into the portable lightweight aluminium case is a 280mAh built in battery which not only acts as a discreet vaping alternative but is compactible with the magnetic Juul dock and is compatible with the Juul labs Juulpods which are available in a range of flavours.

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