What is JUUL and Juuling ?  JUUL’s Most Frequently Questions Answered

What is JUUL and Juuling ? JUUL’s Most Frequently Questions Answered

Daniel Rennie



Since the recent expansion in popularity of Pods Kits, we have seen this vape kits category differentiate in a way that no one could have predicted before, with the arrival of pod mods and various devices. Despite what most know about the phenomenon, JUUL was in actuality a major catalyst for the rise of the Pod Kits in the vaping world. 

If you are new to vaping you most probably have several questions regarding the matter and here at Vape Pod Kits we are more than happy to answer them. We will start with the most obvious question - What are pod kits?

What are Pod Kits ?

Pods kits provide essentially the same results as vape kits, but in a much simpler way. A pod kit comes in two options; one called closed pod system which comes with pre-filled pods you can easily click into place, proving to be the most simple setup you can get, and the other is an open pod system, which still retaining similar features in design, these can be refilled with an e-liquid of choice.

What is a Juul Pod Kit ?

The JUUL Starter Kit comes with the highly popular JUUL device, along with the magnetic charger compatible and 4 flavoured 18 mg pods which are:

  • Glacier Mint
  • Golden Tobacco
  • Royal Cream
  • Mango Nectar

You can find this JUUL pod kits multipack in UK by going directly to the JUUL product page.

What are the different types of vapes? 

There are several types of vapes in the vaping market, but they can be easily distinguished in two main categories, Mouth to Lung and Sub Ohm devices. Mouth to Lung devices mimic the effect of smoking a cigarette, and tend not only to be the easiest to use among vaping devices, but are usually the most cost effective option. Sub Ohm devices are a bit different, as they produce a higher volume of vapour and flavour, more like a shisha. They tend to be more pricey than MTL Kits to purchase, but they are also way more powerful and feature more functionalities and mode of use.

How much does a JUUL and JUUL pod cost?


A JUUL device without the starter pack, retails at £24.99, with the Device and the magnetic charger included, along with the manual.

JUUL Replacement Pods are sold in a pack of 4. JUUL pods prices at £10.99, with each pod containing 0.7 ml of 18 mg Nicotine Salts. ADD INFO ABOUT SUBSCRIPTION HERE 

Why is JUUL so popular?

- Out of the countless vape devices for beginners, the JUUL is the vape that looks like a USB, which proved to be best suited for smokers looking to make the switch,  due to the practicality and ease of use that make the device stand out. It's super simple to use, it's small and discreet, and it does what it was meant to do, help people stop smoking.

How does JUUL work? -

Juul are battery powered devices and work by connecting and heating up a pre-filled pod that contains nicotine, flavorings and other chemicals. When heated, the liquid creates an aerosol or vapour that users inhale, just like with a cigarette, but without the harmful effects of smoking.

How to refill JUUL pods ?

JUUL Replacement Pods are not designed to be refilled nor for further use after the e liquid inside it has been depleted. The good thing about JUUL is exactly this, there is no need to refill, as each pod is ready to be used without any maintenance required by you.

Where to buy JUUL mango pods? - You can easily purchase them here or alternatively you can visit Vape Pod Kits

How to buy JUUL pods?

 You can either order with us online with next or same delivery options available,ADD SUBSCRIPTIONS INFO, where you can receive help from experienced members of staff.

How long does a JUUL pod last?

JUUL Pods are designed to last in average 200 puffs, although that can depend on the way they are vaped, as longer puffs can reduce that number. 

If you prefer to have a refillable pod system, then we will have a list of devices here for you below to have a look at:

  • Freemax MaxPod Kit
  • Geekvape Aegis Pod Kit
  • Innokin I.O. Pod Kit
  • Innokin Podin Device Kit
  • Relx Classic Starter Kit 350 mAh
  • Smok NFix Pod Vape Kit

JUUL accessories UK - You can find all the JUUL accessories here at Vape Pod Kits. We will list the JUUL products we have available for you below:

  • JUUL C1 Device
  • JUUL Starter Kit
  • JUUL Device
  • JUUL Portable Charging Case
  • JUUL USB Charger Dock
  • JUUL Pods Alpine Berry x 4
  • JUUL Pods Glacier Mint x 4
  • JUUL Pods Golden Tobacco x 4
  • JUUL Pods Mango Nectar x 4
  • JUUL Pods Menthol x 4
  • JUUL Pods Rich Tobacco x 4
  • JUUL Pods Royal Creme x 4