What is a Pod Kit? The anatomy of a Pod Kit

What is a Pod Kit? The anatomy of a Pod Kit

Daniel Rennie

Vape Pod Kits have been around for quite some time, but only in the past year or so ended up becoming a trend, and turning into one of the first options among vapers. But what are Pod Kit Vapes? We are going to unveil the different categories and highlight brands of each typology of device.

What is the difference between a pod kit and a vape kit?

Vape Kits come in different forms and shapes, from starter kits to sub-ohm kits. Starter Kits are both simpler to use and easier to maintain compared to Sub Ohm kits. Starter Kits also on the vast majority are Mouth To Lung kits, and Sub Ohm kits are Direct to Lung Kits. What is the difference between them? In a nutshell, the MTL style of vaping is mimicking the way you used to smoke a nasty cigarette, whilst DTL is inhaling the vapour directly into your lungs before exhaling, much like when you are using a shisha which tens to enhance the flavours produced by both the vaping device and the flavour used in the vaping tank.

But ultimately where do pod kits fit in these categories?

Well Pod kits were created to make things even simpler than starter kits, which in majority require a general coil maintenance in porter to be utilised. Pod Kits are in majority mouth To Lung devices, and they also are divided in two major categories:

Closed Pod Systems

Open Pod Systems

Let’s look into each separately.
Open and Closed pod systems pictures
Closed Pod Systems

Closed pod systems are the kind of vape device that can only function by using pre designated vape pods, which itself is pre-filled with e liquid. For people who prefer a hassle-free experience, they are proving to be highly convenient, as one can carry a spare pod in the pocket , and once the one benign used is finished, it can be easily replaced without having to refill or changing coils on the go.

In most cases, closed pod systems are very popular and make a perfect choice for those who want to get into vaping, with the least amount of maintenance required. Easy to pick up and use, they also are an ideal choice for those waiting to vape, but avoid a large amount of cloud, ultimately favouring a low profile vaping experience.

What are the brands that make a great fit in this category?

  • Juul
  • Myblu
  • Relx
  • Vype
  • Logic
  • NZO
  • IVG

If you were looking for more information related to these brands, please visit the Best Closed Pod Systems at our UK ECIG STORE vape shop website.

Open Pod Systems

The open pod system pod on the other hand, whilst they are disposable, they can be opened up and refilled with an e liquid of your preference, meaning you are not having to choose between the flavours offered by the manufacturer, but instead, you can refill your pods with any compatible flavour available for your device.

Open Pod Systems can be equipped with either disposable pods with pre-installed coils, which make it still a very easy way to vape despite having to refill the device, or can come with a single (or more) refillable pod, that supports replaceable coils, pretty similar to the way that is done with pen style vape kits or sub-ohm devices.

We will see some devices below for each of these categories.

Open Pod Systems with disposable pods:

Open Pod Systems with replaceable coils:

And now we will be presenting another category of pod kits that has only recently developed, following the increase in popularity of pod kits in the vaping market, we are talking about Pod Mod Kits!

What are Pod Mod Kits?
Pod Kit And Pod Mod Kit | The Differences
Well Pod mod Kits are essentially pod kits, which in the vast majority function with replaceable coils, that are capable of supporting a chip mod in order to personalise the users vaping experience by featuring different vaping modes, like variable wattage or even RBA support.

Pod Mod Kits were invented for those who wanted to retain the setting customisation and effect of bigger vaping devices, like box mods or sub-ohm devices in general. This new device’s category took the vaping world literally by storm, so much that the majority of vaping manufacturers jumped in and created their own versions of Pod Mod Kits.

This allowed for people who are accustomed to sub-ohm vaping, to turn into a more pocket friendly device and without so much of a compromise, allowed them to make a long awaited switch. They can come with their own internal battery, or like happens in some occasions, with an external single 18650 battery, allowing vapers to choose what battery to install in their own device.

See which devices belong in this category below:

So there you have it. A Pod Kit is not simply a Pod Kit anymore, as it can take different shapes and forms, along with diverse features and power supplies. Whether you are an MTL or a sub-ohm user, if you are looking for a Pod Kit with specific requirements, in this modern day of the vaping industry, you are more likely to find what you're looking for than not.